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Just to patch up the Hatfield-and-McCoy-style feud, of course. Except when Trey discovers what their families have been hiding all these decades, nothing will ever be the same.

Long Hard Ride

Buy at Amazon. Buy at Apple. Buy at Kobo. He was pretty sure his definition of missing and hers of the same word were two different things. He crossed his arms and widened his stance, furrowing his brow as he gave her an obvious once-over.

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He leaned in, flattened his palms on the stainless steel surface, one on either side of her hips, and hovered, her body heat rising, his breathing labored and giving him away. He was doing all of those things, strangling on the tension that was thick in the trailer around them, and robbing him of his air.

Finally, she moved, her hands coming up, her palms pressing to his chest, her fingertips finding his nipples and rubbing circles where they dotted his shirt. He shuddered, and she tipped forward, nuzzling her nose to his throat.

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He closed his eyes, inhaled, caught the scent of her shampoo, of her sun-heated skin, of her perspiration that was sweet, a damp sheen. Keeping his hands to himself had seemed smart, but she made him too stupid to care. He held her upper arms, her shoulders, sliding his hands up her neck to cup her face, her cheeks, her jaw, sliding them down to her ribcage and the promise of her breasts.

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