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Basecamp of Inspiration. ISPO Brandnew. A private query is only visible to you when you are logged-in and can not be used in RSS feeds. Results 15,, of 75,, for Criteria: Office s : all Language: en Stemming: false. Sort by:. Title Ctr PubDate Appl. No Applicant Inventor Int. Class This invention relates to a securing device 24 for securing a bag having a strap or sling to a base structure.

Get PDF Kohäsion und Leistung im Sport (German Edition)

The present invention provides a gaming machine which allows a plurality of players to advance a game by indicating positions on a table screen which constitutes a game table using their hands. An indicia for marking on an object, such as a cartridge case 16 , for representing selected information, such as identification indicia identifying the firearm 12 that discharged the cartridge 16 , and methods and apparatus for generating, imprinting and reading the identification indicia A cellular telephone prepaid airtime management system and method for facilitating the issuing of a predetermined amount of prepaid airtime for cellular telephones by an employer to an employee is disclosed.

A bill validation device includes a main body having a bill validation part for validating a bill inserted through a bill insertion opening and a bill conveyance mechanism for conveying a bill, and a bill holder attached to the main body for holding a bill determined as valid by the bill validation part. The invention provides a method of installing a long anchor in a roof of an underground working.

A portable sink 1 with a lid 3 that is capable of being connected to an existing water supply, such as an outdoor hose or faucet, such that running water can be provided inside the sink in an outdoor environment. In the process for producing wide mouth barrels of fhermo-plastics material in a blow mould a barrel body 2 having a barrel trunk 3 , a floor 4 with or without foot ring 5 , an edge 6 at the barrel trunk 3 at the level of the opening edge 7 of the wide mouth barrel to be produced, a closed lid 9 or a spigot lid, an intermediate ring 10 between edge 6 and lid 9 for introducing a blowing mandrel for completely blowing a pre-form, which is pre-blown of a plastics tube extruded into the blow mould, as well as at least one electrical conductive contact strip 11 integrated in the lid 9 , the intermediate ring 10 , the barrel trunk 3 and the barrel floor 4 , which forms an electrical contact between the inner surface 12 and the conductive or permanently anti-static surface 13 of the barrel body 2.

Ceramic or Ceramic coated tube 18 1 1 15 Extended high 12 temperture p 2 roduct No Quench zone. The system comprises an existing substrate flight of stairs iO and a second, overlaying layer of stairs 16 ; each overlayina stair comprising a lifting element 16a. The first-in-line lifting element returns to the initial position once - -. The basic idea of the present invention is to adapt multi-user multimedia data in a communication system with a server providing the multi-user multimedia data to clients and with an intermediate network part.

This invention provides for a clamp 10 which includes a base member 12, a piv member 20, and a handle 30 pivotally attached to the second pivot point 18 on the bas member Figure 1. A device for regulating the flow rate of a fluid includes a housing containing a plurality of flow conduits fluidly connecting an inlet and an outlet, each of the flow conduits comprising a flow control tube , , and a resiliently compressive occlusion tube , , , wherein the flow control tubes are of substantially equal internal diameter. The invention is an insulated label for maintaining the temperature of the contents of a package, formed from a polymeric thermoplastic closed ceil foam having from about 5, to about , dosed cells per cubic inch.

A system and method for integrating microfluidic components in a microfluidic system enables the microfluidic system to perform a selected microfluidic function.

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The two components form a device with diamond to diamond tion. A connector for connecting two wires or rods to each other comprising: a resiliently flexible body that has opposed, spaced front and rear faces with at least two substantially parallel spaced insert grooves extending across the front face and into the body towards the rear face. The invention is a grain coach hatch door rotor moulded to form from suitable plastics material. The invention concerns a method and a device for making a dispersion or an emulsion 41 from at least two fluids known to be unmiscible, said fluids constituting a dispersed phase 40 and a dispersing phase 44 , the dispersed phase 40 being driven through a porous body 24 into the dispersing phase The disinfection and puri fication system remains effective for long periods of 3.

The disinfection 0. In a gaming machine of the present invention, a bet must be placed as prerequisite for starting a bonus game second game. EV, MA, 72 I nventors; and. MK, MN. O Base 1. The present invention is directed to methods of increasing oocyte production in a mammal. Ice-making apparatus 10 comprising water deliver means 12 , a colouring station 18AE arranged to impart colour to water received from the water delivery means and a freezing station 20 for forming readily separable blocks of ice from the coloured water formed at the colouring station and for selectively dischargi ng the readily separable bio cks of ice into a storage means 24AD so as to pres ent ice of a required colour, or combination of colours, the freezing statio n can advantageously employ open ended shaping elements 28AC , and associated freezing elements 32AC , allowing for the freezing of water therein so as to form a block of ice of an appropriate shape defined by the shaping element, and to subsequent allow for the removal of the shaped ice block from the lower open end thereof.

The invention furthermore relates to processes for.

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Method for production of 4,10B-diacetoxy-2a-benzoyloxy-5B,epoxy-1,13a-dihydroxyoxonorcyclopropa[g]taxene. In embodiments for jet or turbine engines, bleed gas from the engine may be used lo provide carrier gas through a fuel processor [], or the fuel may be heated -by -heater [] to flash some of the fuel into vapor to provide carrier gas through the fuel processor to produce the stabilized fog of fuel droplets 00 " O O.

The invention relates to thiadiazine derivatives and to the use thereof as positive AMPA receptor modulators. Disclosed herein is a delivery system, comprising dispensing means having an outlet for delivering one or more materials or one or more articles; dispensing control means for controlling the passage of the material or article through the outlet; first identification means operable for recording, emitting, carrying or associating first identity data to identify the dispensing means, or the material or article carried thereby; and permission control means operable to establish a predetermined condition of the dispensing control means when a corresponding predetermined relationship is established between the first identity data and second identity data of an associated entity.

TT o one reactor while using at least two zeolite catalysts that differ from one another. The present invention provides novel isolated and purified polynucleotides and polypeptides related to a novel ligand for glucocorticoidinduced TNF receptor GITR. According to the present invention there is provided an electrical cable including a core comprised of an electrical conducting material and at least one insulation layer surrounding the core. Multi-scale cermets for high temperature erotion-corrosion service. PL, PT. The partially aromatic O polyamide is piesenl in a range from about 1 to about 10 wt.

The dyestuffs are useful for dyeing or printing nitrogen-containing or hydroxy-group-coniaining organic substrates and for the. The couple of rolls compact the reduced materials containing fine reduced irons discharged from the charging hopper by the screw feeders and manufacture compacted N24 irons. The present invention provides a cytotoxicaiiy active CD3 specific binding construct comprising a first domain specifically binding to human CD3 and an Ig-derived second binding domain.

This invention relates to a process and a plant for the heat treatment of solids containing titanium. The record carrier fuither carries scheduling information T 1 a 30 indicating in which order parts of the at least one ad ditional information signal or video signal have to be b 5 20 read from suid record carrier.

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A cosmetic skin care composition that can provide the consumer-desired properties of appearance of natural skin radiance, containing solid single-crystal flat plate-like particles having an index of refraction of 1. The use of defibrotide as an anti-tumour agent, alone or in combination with other active ingredients with anti-tumour action, is described.

A combination for use in aligning a substantial point source of light with respect to an axis of a reflector is provided. Pharmaceutical compositions thai contain A and B are also described. IT to a method for producing a compound 3- 4-Piperidinyl -2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-l,3-ben- I zodiazepin-2 lH -on of formula I , wherein said compound is a structural element 0 f o CGRP-antagonists which are particularly suitable o for the oral migraine treatment. The present invention provides a novel thienopyridine derivative having an anti-inflammatory effect, a bone resorption suppressing effect, an immune cytokine production suppressing effect and the like, and useful as a pharmaceutical agent such as an agent for the prophylaxis or treatment of arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis and the like, and the like, and the like.

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