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Guests gather in St. George's Chapel before the wedding. The Queen and Prince Philip arrive at St. George's Chapel. Actor George Clooney and his wife, Amal, arrive for the wedding. Actor Idris Elba waves as he arrives at Windsor Castle. Behind him is media mogul Oprah Winfrey. Princess Charlotte sticks her tongue out as she rides to the wedding. Members of the public go through security as they arrive on Castle Hill. Images of Harry and Meghan adorn a window in Windsor.

On the left window is Queen Elizabeth II and a corgi. A security guard overlooks the crowd prior to the wedding. Bad news for commenters who suggested Duke and Duchess of Scunthorpe. One does have to doff a begrudging hat to Richard Desmond's cunning as far as advertising is concerned. Today, I see that people carrying a huge banner advertising OK! Or at least not yet; she could be made a princess at a later date. So much for all that coverage about little girls dreaming of growing up to become a princess?

Well, come on Crowd on Whitehall only two deep as music blares from speakers. White-gloved cops line the road while their armed colleagues line the rooftops. Flags selling for three quid a time and much of the crowd wearing cardboard crowds provided by a certain regally-named burger chain. She asks: do people still actually cut out and keep bits of newspaper? You'd be excused for thinking so judging by the amount of dotted lines on offer across today's papers.

The Times features cartoon handy "snooze wear" an eye mask for what can only be presumed to be for the many freezing tent-dwellers hoping to catch an extra few winks courtesy of the flimsy newspaper strip. Meanwhile, the Sun opts for a rather sickness-inducing purple and red spread on the day's events, encouraging you to cut out and keep a copy of the wedding hymn. The Daily Mirror has a "Wedding kiss sweep-stake kit" which perhaps will induce you and your pals to spend the train journey to London betting on what time the happy couple are expected to kiss. Guides galore litter newspapers, presumably for the extra , visitors expected to visit the capital — ranging from cartoon images of the carriage parade with a handy key to who'll be travelling with whom in the Daily Mail, a simple amp in the Times and "giant wedding guide" in the Sun.

The Independent has its own offering in the form of an armchair listener's guide, but apart from that decides to relatively ignore the occasion. All titles, including the Financial Times, feature Kate or Wills on the front page, with the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail taking on the "commoner" theme into the lead stories.

The Mail's headline "Smile that says the waiting's over" harks back to their fond "waity Katy" moniker.

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  • Royal baby, royal wedding: Live it up in London like a royal.

The Mirror chooses to compare Mario Testino's new portrait of the couple with a picture taken of Diana just before her death. Finally much is made of the Queen missing what the Telegraph calls the nighttime "disco" not that anyone has ever had a disco at their wedding since the s and the Mirror takes umbrage with the fact Fergie has been "snubbed" from the guest list and is "licking her wounds" in Thailand.

Royal wedding: In numbers - BBC News

Stephen Bates is there, and we'll have a report from him shortly. She is worried that the nation's breathless broadcasters might keel over at 11am, the moment, as they keep reminding us, when we will catch our first glimpse of "that dress". Daybreak's Christine Bleakley, resplendent in updo and royal purple dress, sadly since discarded for a beige wrap number, appears to be the unnofficial leader of the over-excited breakfast corps - genuinely hungry for any tiny morsel of royal trivia. Although Sky's Kay Burley also seems perhaps predictably to be teetering towards hysteria. To be honest, I think it's probably the best strategy in the circumstances.

BBC1's Breakfast's Sian and Bill are being altogether more sober about proceedings, even slipping in the odd searching question. But there's not really much to be searching about — if you're going to spend two hours rehashing last night's news and talking to "hardy campers" and people who start their street parties at 6am, then best to do it in the campest, most over-the-top way possible.

Or the grumpiest. Maybe this is the moment when Adrian Chiles in the morning finally makes sense. The breakfast guests have varied between the predictable — many greying men who used to be royal press secretaries, various toffs, fashion editors, some corgis — and the eye-opening. Who knew that Prince Charles had an official harpist?

That's your taxes at work, people! I'm also pleased to report that already fascinators are out in force, both on guests and on presenters. The best so far? One lovely lady on Sky News had managed to match hers to her anorak. The most visible sign is the frankly weird Google Doodle on their homepage in the US and UK of a fairy tale procession heading off to a hilltop castle in the distance.

A sneakier change is on Street View. If you're looking at images from London today, Peg Man and Peg Woman, the icons showing your position and direction in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, have been dressed up as a little bride and groom. There's a bit of father-son tension in the mix. In medieval times Cambridge was an earldom. Edward IV was Earl of Cambridge before becoming king until when his titles merged with the crown. The Duke of Cambridge in , first of the third creation, was George, Electoral Prince of Hanover, who famously had rifts with his father and subsequently his son.

His father was jealous of his popularity, and George was eventually banished from St James's Palace and excluded from public ceremonies. Behemot writes :. Euh, I'm just an ignorant foreigner, so please explain to me What are they doing wawing those gaudy-colored candy wrappers around? KopiteEddie adds :. One of the female guests going into the Abbey hasn't got a hat! I might be anti the lot, but I do have standards! For a cycling enthusiast whose most high profile achievement to date has been the introduction of a London bike hire scheme, a bicycle made for two was the obvious gift from mayor Boris Johnson on behalf of Londoners to Prince William and Catherine Middleton on their big day.

Johnson is planning to capitalise on the audience that will congregate in Trafalgar Square to watch the Royal event on the big screen to unveil the specially commissioned tandem. For those who can't wait for that moment, City Hall has produced an animation which curiously, shows William and Kate cycling along, only to be taken over by a cartoon Boris coming up from behind. Everybody's having a good time. It's pretty cheery.

The Royal Wedding | The Savoy

No one's budging, though. Once you get your spot, you don't move from it. Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry's girlfriend, has arrived, wearing an emerald green dress by Alberta Feretti, with a cream pillbox fascinator with veil. Guests so far are mostly friends of the family. A couple of weeks ago the Mail on Sunday ran an exhaustive four-page spread on the wedding guest list, kicking off with a piece detailing all the "mega-rich foreigners" who Prince Charles had invited to the wedding it was headlined " The Transylvanian count, the Nazi's nephew and the Kazakh tycoon ". Romanian readers crying out for further vampire-based stereotyping will be more than satisfied further into the piece, as the Mail gives more details of the "Transylvanian count who is the landlord of Charles's two Romanian properties in Dracula country".

There are rumours the couple may honeymoon there. Good times. But my favourite part of the Mail's spread was the article headlined " Kate asks 2 ex-loves … and William invites 4 ", which raised the prospect of a Scott Pilgrim vs the World -style face-off in which Kate had to fight all four of William's evil exes on her way to the Abbey.

The royal wedding, in pictures

And people say this isn't real news Apparently the entire population of the US is seething because the Obamas did not make the cut, but I am far more interested in whether Kanye West has really been invited. It's a tense moment at any wedding when the vicar asks if anyone knows of any just impediment to the marriage, but Kanye has form at this kind of thing. Should everyone who ever voted Labour be seething because Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have not been invited? Chelsy Davy has arrived wearing an aqua green satin dress with a boat neck jacket by Alberta Ferretti.

A designer known for her romantic, ethereal designs is arguably rather an odd choice for a someone almost always prefixed with the words "party girl". Still, it is a wedding Meanwhile, the hot rumour is that bride will not only be wearing McQueen, but an original McQueen, with a few tweaks by Sarah Burton. The real royals have arrived. In the same vein, click here to follow our Not the royal wedding blog.

There's a whole world out there The ducks and lambs are in place on the green next to the Bladebone Inn at Bucklebury, Kate Middleton's local. Happily they are not destined for the barbecues that are already being fired up but for the animal races that will entertain crowds here later once the ceremony is over. Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace may be the key places from which to watch proceedings today but thousands are heading to Bucklebury in Berkshire Kate Middleton country as this area has been dubbed.

As well as the duck and lamb racing there's going to be singing and probably quite a bit of drinking — a van bearing the name Tutts Club Cider has just rolled in — and Morris dancing.

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The foreign TV crews have been trying to puzzle what that's all about. Jess Cartner-Morley on Victoria Beckham:. Love the Treacy hat. The dress is very elegant, but a bit too understated? I wish she would embrace her pregnancy shape a bit more and stop looking embarrassed by the bump. Also can't help feeling she is overshadowed by the utter gorgeousness of her husband.

David Beckham is rightly carrying his Treacy top hat. Why would you want to cover that fine slicked-back hairdo? The Ralph Lauren Purple ensemble is suitably classy - tails and all - though the high collared shirt is slightly fighting with the tattoo on the back of this neck. Consensus on the fashion desk is that the chicest guests so far have chosen to do all one colour head to toe. Hat, dress and bag all the same colour works in the Abbey.